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I cannot say enough about the experience and person miss Val moon 🌙 is and her extremely gifted talent has guided me to learn ,explore and live a better life ... her healing energy is powerful & uplifting entity 🥰😇ty Val and much much love on your new journey 😘

Marisa Gaines

What can I say about my experience with Valerie and my healing without being too personal? She is an amazing, gentle practitioner who entered my space with grace, respect for who I am and where I am going and amazing healing energy. She has worked for me and my family as a coach and energy healer and the results are something I couldn't have even known to ask for. I left my treatment with a renewed zest for life that I can only akin to a straight shot of vitamin B12. So thankful to have her as a mentor ❤

Michelle MacDonald Goodwine

I received a spiritual guide reading from Valerie and I have to say it was literally spot on to the crisis I was going through when I sought assistance. Since this reading I have been at extreme peace. The anxiousness I had before it was harmful to my health. I am so thankful to have found her and the services she offers.

Mindyabiz Bonnie

I am a Reiki Master and have been doing energy work for about 10 years. This year I am at the tail end of my Chiron return and the Universe has been dragging me through all of my darkest shit. I reached out to Valerie during the height of my crisis. She literally took me by the spiritual hand and helped lead me through the dark night of my soul. Like the warrior Goddess she is, she cut cords, cleared current and past life patterns and help me to actually journey more efficiently. I would get triggered and she helped me see, it wasn't about WHO triggered me, but about my digging deeper to understand the wounds that caused that trigger. After a few virtual sessions I asked if she would do an in person session We opted to use Sananga to help me have clarity and Rape' to help lift and clear what was left. I cried the entire day before my session, then puked and slept hard on her healing table for an hour. When I awoke I felt like a different woman. Even now, 24 days later, I keep waiting for the old things that used to haunt me to hurt, and they just don't. I am able to pull myself back from old patterns and have a new self awareness that cannot be put into words. If you are struggling and need help, this woman is worth every penny. I give her a 10+ rating and I am so grateful to have her by my side as one of my spiritual helpers. Thank you, Valerie! You are the Best! Love the other Valerie 🙂


In all honesty I've been friends with Val since we were kids so when she told me she had started her spiritual journey I wasn't surprised. Fast forward a few months, I get a call from her on a Tuesday afternoon with a little sense of urgency in her voice. she asks me if I can talk and tells me that Jill's there. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about because I had completely forgotten about our past conversation at that point. when I realized she was referring to a best friend of mine that passed away years ago I started paying attention. she told me that she didn't think she had passed over yet. that something was unresolved. she was not the first person to say this, I'd had a reading the year she passed. there were many unanswered questions around her passing. without getting into detail she passed information on to me. through this whole thing I was completely composed and ok. suddenly, simultaneously I get a feeling of pins and needles from head to toe (I've never had a sensation like that at all before) and I burst into I can't breathe tears and crying. it lasted for about 10 seconds and both things just stopped instantly. as soon as I stopped Val informed me that she had just finally passed over, over 6 years after passing. she told me she said she wanted me to feel it to make sure I believed Val. as I said, I've been a life long friend, so even though I completely believe in all of this kind of thing it's still hard to fully believe it with someone you are that close to after all these years. I very much recommend getting a reading with Valerie!!❤️❤️❤️

Jenny Thomas

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