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Energy Clearing
Home Blessing

“I’ve learned home isn’t a place it’s a feeling.”  -Irish Novelist Cecilia Ahern

Energy clearing gives you the sacred space that allows balance and peace whether it is your physical body, your home, or a special object you hold dear to you.  No matter how you recognize it whether you feel the energy is off, bad juju, or  bad vibe, it is your intuition guiding you.  

Clearing Attachments

Are you feeling off, not yourself, emotional, or tired beyond what feels normal?  Do not take these feelings lightly having energy that does not belong to you in your space will drain you.  There are different types of “attachments”.  I use the word attachment because anything that is not yours is attached to you.  There are different types of lower level vibration attachments such as negative entity, demonic entity, possession, soul attachment, portal or vortex connection, unhealthy ethereal cords from old relationships, friends, or family members, or a traumatized soul fragment calling in energy that is not yours.  Some symptoms that many people express are poor sleep, dark thoughts, tired or feeling drained, irritable, nightmares, and physical soreness.  These types of energy are not limited to invading your personal space.  You may also find that your home or an object is also holding this energy too.  No matter where the energy is held, it can be removed.

Clearing "Personal"

in person & remote option

It is important to know ahead of time that you can’t heal or repair your energy if you have an attachment draining your life force.  This clearing will remove this energy that is not serving your highest good. Follow your intuition, if you are unsure but this resonates, reach out to me for clarity.  Rescue medium work is not in everyone’s gift set and understanding and being able to differentiate the different energy within our auric field and chakras is key to a successful removal and balance.  After I do the removal I do a quick chakra balancing and healing for a quick recovery.  

Clearing "Home & Objects"

$250 and up Price varies in size

Object Clearing varies in price depending on object please send an image of your object when reaching out for pricing please.

in person & remote options

Is your house haunted?  Are you or your children being woken up at night by unwanted visitors?  It is very real and can be scary.  Sometimes entities and stuck souls may take residence, completely invading your space.  You may feel helpless, agitated, or overwhelmed.  This really makes you feel like you have no place of your own to have peace.  Having a trained rescue medium do this removal is essential for safety reasons.  Most of these souls need help crossing over, entities transmuted, portals closed.  I do this with care and make sure that your home is completely balanced and filled with calm loving energy to avoid attracting another incident.  

When you have a need to clear an object, I ask that you send an image with the inquiry to me.  Having negative energy in your necklace that was passed down through generations, or trauma in a dog tag, or any precious heirloom can certainly be uncomfortable for you.  Clearing out the negativity while leaving in the beauty it was meant to carry is so special.

Follow Up/ Check In

Book a remote follow up/ check in appointment 20 min $25
remote only

It is really common to have questions after an appointment.  Always feel as though you can reach out with a quick question.  If you feel as though you need more than a quick and or a channeled message from your guide after a healing I have created this appointment.  Sometimes it is not necessary to do a full appointment.  This appointment is a follow up of a scheduled healing only.

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Here To Help

If you are unsure what you need but know you need something.  If you are drawn to what I do but don’t understand it. If you keep reading the options and it resonates.  If you have clicked on my page and came back at a later time for no reason. REACH OUT BY MESSAGE FOR GUIDANCE.