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When your energy is shifting you may want to check in with your spirit guides as questions arise.  Please know that you are not alone and do not need to book an entire appointment if something small comes up.  Valerie is here to support you with a quick check in appointment. 



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If you have questions or are looking to book an appointment reach out today! I’ll get back to you soon!

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There are 4 steps to booking an appointment with Valerie Moon

1. Book your appointment online.   

2. Valerie Moon will schedule a phone call with you to see what you are looking to work on and check in with your spirit team to be guided with your healing plan.  You must be available to speak prior to the time of your appointment.  We will schedule your follow up call at this time.

3. Valerie then does your healing session.   Please note that you are not required to be available during your appointment.  Valerie Moon does complete your session remotely and completely without your presence.  You can be working, sleeping, at school, or doing anything that you were planning on doing the day of the appointment. 

4. You will receive your follow up call to hear all about your healing, answer any questions you might have, and receive any messages from spirit that you were given.