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Spirit Guide Connection
Ascension & Awakening Guidance

“In the physical ascension one sees the signs upon the horizon. In the spiritual ascension one sees the signs within himself”  -Abd al-Karīm al-Jīlī

Are you going through a spiritual awakening or working on your gifts and just feel stuck?  Honestly, it can be so overwhelming on where to go next during the process of awakening.  If you feel stuck and want to connect with your guides let Valerie channel for you and help you through those moments.  

Working With The Spirit Guides

Before we are born our guides are chosen for our soul and devoted to our growth and development. We often have more than one guide to help with many aspects of our life whether it is our everyday life, manifesting our future, relationships, even our gifts that sometimes we are not even aware exist.  Talking with your guides when you are questioning different aspects of life can be life changing.  They are here to always help guide you to what is in your souls best and highest good.  We have some guides that have been with us since birth, seeing our past, present, and future.  They know the depths of who we are and what our soul level mission is.   

Spirit Guide Connection

in person & remote

During this appointment Valerie will channel messages from your guides.  There are many times where clients come in with certain problems they are working through and patterns they are frustrated by and through the conversation their guides and helpers reprogram the energetic make up during your session for what is in your best and highest good.  They always say exactly what you need to hear.  I have to say that sometimes it is not what we want to hear but it can truly be trans-formative if you are open to hearing them.  

Spirit Guide Connection Ascension & Awakening

in person & remote

Are you stuck or just curious? This session will help you zone in on how to get to the next step of your development.  There were many times in my growth where there was doubt, defeat, or I just didn’t know where to go next.  During this session I connect with your guides and lay out a plan of action.  There is always a process even when you may feel let down for a moment, there is a reason or a message that is involved in getting to your next step.  Dig deep, ask questions to find those answers that will bring you so much clarity and confidence. Develop connections, boundaries, and manifest strength.  Even those that have come in to their gifts there are moments where you just need to process with someone and fully understand.  It can be hard to do a psychic reading on yourself sometimes because bias can be a factor.  This is such a good clarity appointment and filling in those blanks to move into your next phase of awakening.  

Follow Up/ Check In

Book a follow-up check in appointment 20 min
remote only

It is common to have questions after an appointment.  Always feel as though you can reach out with a quick question.  If you feel as though you need more than a quick and or a channeled message from your guides after a healing I have created this appointment.  Sometimes it is not necessary to do a full appointment.  This appointment is a follow up of a scheduled appointment only.

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Here To Help

If you are unsure what you need or know you need something.  If you are drawn to what I do but don’t understand it.  If you keep reading the options and it resonates.  If you have clicked on my page and came back at a later time for no reason.  REACH OUT BY MESSAGE FOR GUIDANCE