Intuitive Healer, Rescue Medium, Reiki Master

Valerie Moon

Explore your energy, connect with yourself on a deeper level, and heal your energy. I look forward to helping people on their souls journey as a support, a healer, and channeler of information to create change.

Energy is everything and infinite.

As an extrasensory healer I read/heal energy. Energy in plants, animals, objects, our past/present/future, the deceased, there is literally energy in everything we do even our everyday interactions. It all has a story.  I am a certified Reiki master, Extrasensory Intuitive Healer and Rescue Medium.

Here To Help

From the beginning and along the way.

We are triggered, our emotions get the best of us sometimes, and for some reason just can’t break these patterns.  Although it might feel like  it is awful I found this to be our soul calling for what is in our best and highest good and letting us know that healing needs to happen. I do not diagnose or read medical issues and always encourage seeking medical attention if you are feeling ill. If you are unsure of what type of session you might need or you are just starting this journey please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. No question is “weird” no life experience should have you feeling alone or uncomfortable because in this healing journey I can guarantee things that may be strange to you is everyday life for us! I want you to feel comfortable and encourage being aware of synchronizations, noticing your surroundings, and paying attention to YOU so I can better serve you. Sometimes it is those little things that are the most important.

Grow With Valerie Moon

Let’s see what we can work through together.

Chakra heal/ balance/ reprogram

There is a lot of depth when healing different aspects of yourself energetically. Valerie will diagnose the different blocks, remove them, reprogram the energetic field, and bring in balance This leaves your energy feeling whole, empowered, and renewed.

Clearing Person/Home/Object

Having an attachment can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. An "attachment" is anything connected to your energy that does not belong to you. There are many types of energies, connections, and people that can negatively affect you and Valerie will go right in and remove what does not belong as well as restore your energetic balance.

Spirit Guide Connection/ Awakening

Allow Valerie to connect to the higher dimensions and channel messages directly from your spirit guides and helpers. Our guides are with us all the time, they know us deeply and always have a way of bringing forth information that we need just at the right time. If you need guidance, direction, support it is so helpful to connect this way.

8 Week Chakra Clearing Class

Dive into a deep understanding of the 7 chakra system with this 8 week chakra clearing. Each week a different chakra is discussed followed by a clearing meditation. The meditation is extremely powerful and clears out blocks while making room for ascension and connecting to your souls purpose.

This Journey Is About You

If you are on a path of ascension I would love to help you get from point A to point B. Processing and connecting with your guides can bring forth a fast paced path that becomes so clear. I lead with compassion and care with everyone that I deal with, the sessions are powerful, healing, and beautiful to witness and I am so happy to be a vessel that can provide such a service. We all can connect with our gifts, all have gifts, and should be empowered to know that with work and guidance our connection to our self, healing, and source will lead you to a life of peace, awareness, and love.